There are three levels of courses of varied duration –

1] Foundation Course – This level exposes the student to a brief history of cinema and the entire process of filmmaking from idea to screen, with a clear, practical understanding of each stage and function to make him or her capable of independently making films with available resources.

2] Advanced Course – Having grasped the basics of film making, the student now gets a deeper and wider understanding of each element and stage through detailed theoretical inputs and hands on experience of making short films with advanced equipment and elaborate infrastructure, at the end of which he or she is equipped to make a film in professional environment.

3] Specialised Courses – Having learnt all aspects of film making the student can now pursue specialisation to be an industry level professional in either of the four disciplines

1] Screenplay Writing

2] Film Direction

3] Cinematography


4] Editing

There are two levels of courses of varied duration –

1] Foundation Course – Apart from understanding the theoretical aspects of acting, a student participates in various exercises and enacts different scenarios, from improvisations to a given text, to get a clear understanding and firm grip over body movements and facial expressions, voice modulation and diction as well as techniques of enacting in front of the camera. By the end of the course the student would have discovered the actor within and the comfort to project the character without.

2] Advanced Course – Having become comfortable in his or her skin the student is now exposed in detail to various schools and techniques of acting, through theoretical inputs and practical exercises as well as enactment of texts to discover or create his or her individual technique to become a complete actor.

This course is meant for students who have a basic understanding of film making process and are interested in strictly pursuing Screenplay writing. Through theoretical inputs, text studies, film analysis and practical exercises, a student is taught how to identify a theme or an idea and develop it into a full-bodied screenplay ready for a pitch.